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Scholarship by PHENQWIKI.COM

Now a day health is everything. Along with the increase of resources, the problems and difficulties are also increasing. In this modern world, it is very difficult to maintain your health because you have to do a number of works daily. The whole day you just work, work and work. So there is very less time available that you can spend with yourself. So you consult various guides and tips etc in order to maintain yourself and to improve your health. Fitness is everything if you are not fit then you are not in a good position. So to promote this idea launch a scholarship program. This scholarship program is known as Value of Being Fit Scholarship Program. Now the question is that what is actually this program? What is their motive and why they are launching it? A simple and brief answer is given below.

Brief Description of the Scholarship:

 As the physical growth is also necessary along with the mental growth so you perform various physical activities etc to keep yourself physically fit. This program encourages the students to get some extra help regarding their studies. This scholarship will be awarded to the student who will win it. The winning amount for this competition is $1500. So the application of the candidate will decide that whether he will win it or not. Through this scholarship, students will get help financially and they will be able to continue their education more effectively and efficiently. Along with this, anyone can get benefit from the essay that is written by the student. Now the question is that what are the eligibility conditions for this scholarship? Here below the eligibility criteria are defined.

The condition for Eligibility:

Everyone cannot get the scholarship. Each scholarship is confined to a specific group of students having the same skill set to compete with each other and to win on the behalf of their efforts and hard work. As this program is offering the scholarship to only one student so the competition is even tougher. You have to work really hard to achieve this scholarship. There are various eligibility conditions that a candidate must fulfill in order to apply for the scholarship.

  • All the students that are enrolled in any high school, college and universities can apply for this scholarship.
  • Students enrolled in any department can apply for this scholarship.
  • Applicant age must be at least 18 till the closing date of scholarship.

Guidelines and Directions:

Now, this is the main thing that what a student has to do in order to gain the winning award. The applicant will have to submit an essay which must be of 750-1000 words on the topic “How can you remain fit forever?” The quality of content, creativity, uniqueness and the theme of the essay will decide that which student is a winner. This is the best platform to showcase your skills and to get the scholarship that will help you in your further studies etc. So just visit the phenQ website and apply for this scholarship.

The last date of submission is 1st June 2019Deadline.

We plan to continue this scholarship annually, so if you are not selected in 2019, we encourage you to try again in 2020!